Show Notes

Today’s guest is Zach Thomas. He is an entrepreneur, published author, coach, and speaker. As a West Point graduate, Zach served his country as an Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer before launching multiple successful companies. Today, Zach is the owner/operator of a Chick-fil-A franchise in Rockmart, Georgia. His Leader Farming strategy - Growing Leaders to Grow your Business - has resulted in the top 20% performance metrics and the development of multiple Chick-fil-A franchisees from his restaurant. A self-proclaimed “Lean 6 Ninja,” Zach has cultivated a culture of continuous improvement in his organization. His pioneering efforts have led him to serve on the Lean Operator panel for Chick-fil-A, Inc. and co-create the Lean365 program that helps other franchisees build a culture of empowerment, engagement, and excellence. He’s been featured in Newsweek and on Good Morning America and is sharing what he’s learned along his journey.

Zach Thomas comes on the show to share with us how he has developed amazing leaders by using the F.A.R.M. philosophy! We talk about the first three of these, but you must pick up a copy of the book for the last part of the F.A.R.M. leadership! Good news...the book is free!! Just click the link to order your copy and sign up for the Leader FARM community. 

My biggest take away is the idea of a high school and college coach having to accept the fact that they will have to deal with a constant turn over of athletes, but they still train and grow world-class leaders!! This is something we have fought within the HVAC world for what feels like forever! All skilled trades deal with this, and this is a breath of fresh air! 


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Order your book for real! It's great! I have mine and struggle to put it down! 

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