Show Notes

Tersh talks with Dirk van Reenen about structuring service businesses, and what we oftentimes miss when it comes to planning the growth process.

Businesses often times will hit a ceiling or wall after they have already begun the process of rapid growth. This oftentimes happens due to not training the proper people in leadership before placing them in a role that requires a leader! 

What part does Dirk find is most commonly missing from the businesses that are struggling the most? It is the Human System! A Human System can be defined as a small group of people who simply come together for a common cause or thought. Once the Human System is built within your business, it's growth is unstoppable! 

We talk about the three divisions that are required in the BERGflow system: 

  1. Services Division
  2. Operations Division
  3. Growth Division

Dirk explains that once the business has 4 key individuals, it is able to operate successfully! These four individuals are listed here: The CEO, The Service Division Leader, The Operation Division Leader, and The Growth Division Leader. 

Listen to today's episode to learn more about how to scale your HVAC services, HVAC installation, HVAC maintenance, and HVAC replacement business! 

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