Show Notes

Brandon Smith - Author, Speaker, Executive Coach Founder of The Worksmiths, and Host of "The Workplace Therapist". He went from not being able to order a pizza due to a debilitating stutter to become a master communicator.   He went on to teach communication in two leading business schools and has won 12 teaching awards for his work in the classroom.   Through his work with businesses, Brandon has helped countless employees go from being on the verge of getting fired to becoming some of the company’s top performers.   Brandon learned the secret of urgency, what he calls ‘Hot Sauce’, and how different people react differently to it. Today he is the author of ‘The Hot Sauce Principle’. Used in the right amount, hot sauce can be the very thing that turns a bland or stressful workplace into a place of flavourful productivity.    Check out Brandon's podcast too! The Work Place Therapist Podcast   

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